Family kept Trina Guytingco going during COVID-19 scare

Family kept Trina Guytingco going during COVID-19 scare

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First, the bad news.

Last Wednesday, Trina Guytingco’s COVID-19 test from two weeks ago came back positive.

The Ateneo de Manila University playmaker said so herself in the latest episode of So She Did. « About three weeks ago, I attended a basketball (camp) in Vegas. I spent three days with a whole bunch of women, just playing basketball, » she shared.

She then continued, « A couple of days later, I started feeling sick. Then I received news that one of my teammates (from the camp) tested positive. »

Not long after, Guytingco was feeling the effects of the virus herself. « I started to have fever, a really bad headache, a sore throat, loss of appetite, and just a lot of body aches, » she said.

The 22-year-old never thought she was going to be at the wrong end of the continuing COVID-19 crisis.

After all, she never failed to look out for their health. « Prior to that, I was very cautious with everything I was doing – wearing a mask, washing my hands, practicing social distancing, » she said.

Even so, she was far from safe and secure for when lady luck didn’t smile upon her.

Guytingco does not know for sure when, where, and how exactly she contracted COVID-19.

What’s certain is that after the basketball camp, she was not well and good. As she put it, « For me, it felt like I worked out the whole day even if I was literally in bed the whole day. I was exhausted and my body was just hurting and aching everywhere. »

Even worse, the 5-foot-7 guard’s mind was in the same state as the body. « It was just very nerve-racking. I didn’t know what was about to happen so it just messes with your head, » she said.

She then continued, « It was a very rough week for me. There were days when you think you’re going to be fine, but there were days you think why did this happen to me? »

Now, the good news.

Guytingco is with her family in their home in Pleasant Hill, California.

And of course, they are doing their best to make her feel better – just as she’s doing her best not to make them feel worse. « Even before the test results, I treated myself like I was positive and my family treated me like I was positive. I was just in my room for a whole two weeks, » she said.

While she was waging war with the virus, her family wore masks and disinfected anywhere and everywhere she was – even inside their home.

Her mom was also on top of things – making sure she took medicine and vitamins as well as ginger tea with cinnamon for her sore throat.

And the even better news?

Trina Guytingco is doing much, much better now. « I’ve been feeling amazing, » she said, while also sharing that her latest rapid test result came last Thursday and it was negative.

Still, she says she will keep staying safe. « We still don’t know how much (worse) this virus can get. I don’t know when I’m ‘safe’ already so we’re just hoping I keep getting better, » she said.

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